Is There A Blogger’s Stylebook? Simple answer: No, because bloggers are free (wheee) to write whatever we want, however we want. Blogs can be:

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I don’t go to the movies anymore. But I do read the news, including, I admit, whatever entertainment news lands on my homepage. I must say I want to know what’s happening with Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of The Emperor’s Children, Claire Messud’s critically acclaimed 2006 novel.

So far it’s perfectly cast. Keira Knightley won’t have to step outside herself to play the spoiled and neglected Marina Thwaite.  Nor will Richard Gere, who’s been cast as the silver-haired, overly-amorous Murray Thwaite.

Is it possible that I’m the only reader who sees this significant work as a coruscating condemnation of liberalism, especially as practiced by the morally decrepit narcissistic characters that people its pages? While I was reading it I kept asking myself: Is mine a revisionist viewpoint? Does the author intend me to see the truths embedded in this work? Is there a secret club of Conservatives who feel deliciously vindicated after reading the novel? Read More